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How can I add my field?

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Zack on the manual pages you reference, it shows setting up a custom field for machines that are decommissioned. Useful.


But is there any way of using that flag in reports with respect to the software accounting so that licenses appertaining to a decommissioned machine are not taken into account?



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Hi, Daron!


I guess this can be achieved with upcoming Custom field tree assistant.

This assistant will let you filter out all the assets with specific value of specific field, e.g. assets which have Decommissioned field set to true. So, only assets that are to be accounted are now displayed.

Then you can select the storage root and use filtering in Software accounting tab to show software from selected assets only.

As long as both filters are active, you'll get just the right accounting data.


I think this feature will arrive right after the new Software accounting tab is done.

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