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I was trying to run a report that gave me the local and domain user accounts on PC's along with their respective privileges. The User Accounts report does seem to have that information, but it doesn't seem accurate. I specifically selected two computers where I knew that the domain accounts were in the local administrative group. However, the accounts were just listed as User and not Administrator. The local administrator account and all Domain Admin accounts were listed correctly as Administrator. Am I just thinking that the Privileges column works differently than it does or is there another way of getting the information I am looking for?


Thanks for any input you might have.

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The "Privileges" field that states "Administrator" or "User" is the base priviledge, i.e. base type of account. A user may be in local administrators group on this or that PC, but it's still a user in general, not administrator. For the purpose that you describe we have already tried to add a "Group membership" field for user accounts. But it appeared that the collection of group-user relationships is causing high load on the domain controllers and is leading to inappropriate increasing of scan time. So we were forced to disable this possibility until a resolution is found.


EDIT: This is my 500th post here :)

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I could see how trying to enumerate all the groups that all the individual User accounts are in could be process intensive. Maybe you could look at just showing the members of the local groups. That, at least, wouldn't cause the queries to AD that the other method would.


Thank you for your quick response.

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