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Duplicate records for machines?

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A new problem with version 2.xx I'm afraid. We've now moved on to scanning machines via logon script which works well enough, but we are now encountering duplicated records for a great number of machines and even though we have less resources than our license this duplication issue is taking us over our license quantity.


I've tried deleting the duplicates but they always return.


Some machines appear as 'MACHINE_NAME' others as 'MACHINE_NAME.domain'.


Maybe this is a result of us originally importing data from TNI 1.xx, but if this was thew case we'd have expected the duplicate machine issue to be resolved after deleting the machine and rescanning manually, but alas this does not resolve the issue, and more and more duplicate machine keep appearing.


If you can advise how we can resolve the issue it would be very much appreciated.


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Can you please send us the three .inv files for the CANBERRA asset? Also, have you deleted this particular asset? And all three appeared again?


What about other duplicates? Do you have any duplicates that are both scanned assets? (i.e. none of them has a dimmed icon with a question mark - an icon of a non-scanned unknown asset).

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The duplicates for ARES, CANBERRA and LYSANDER have merged together in our setup. Only COLT left with a duplicate. Try the following: open "Options - Scanner" and make sure that "Distinguish assets" is set to "By hardware". Then close TNI, open the storage root folder and find and delete all hidden files named ".folder" in this folder and all subfolders. Then run TNI again. This will force re-import and majority of duplicates should disappear.

As to the COLT, you've mentioned that you are using logon script scan, but such duplicate with an FQDN cannot appear in this case, it's a result of unsuccessful online remote scan, where the MAC address was detected differently that the already scanned COLT has. So I suggest to remove the duplicate manually and see how it goes.

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Hi Zack, I’ve done that, results were:


ARES – vanished completely from the TNI2 tree

CANBERRA – vanished completely from the TNI2 tree

COLT – Duplicate deleted

LYSANDER – Duplicate still present and deleted


Will see how it goes and if ARES and CANBERRA do not reappear will try a manual scan next week.

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