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Issues preventing us moving from TNI 1.6.x to 2.x

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We're a small company with a relatively low (less than 150) number of PCs so our software accounting requirements are somewhat simplistic. We use MSFT Volume Licensing so need to track Windows (Desktop & Server) and office licenses. On top of that we have a list of maybe 40 applications that are licensed that I need to keep track of.


Problem 'A'


With TNI 1.6 I could easily capture the data from the Software and Licenses screen and see the information that I enter into our software accounting spreadsheet. As this system does not use exact number versioning I can quickly see how many licenses we have in place for each major software edition, that is for example:


Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 - 87 installs

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 - 38 installs


In version 2 this has changed to show the specific version as per:


Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 11.0.5614.0 - x installs

Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 11.0.8173.0 - y installs


This is highlighted as problem 'A' in the attached. This new version based system means that we can not simply add in the number of licenses used for Office 2003 or 2010, which are tracked, but we now have to try and split the count down. This is a nightmare.


I had hoped that we could get around the problem by adding in groups and then being able to add a license count to the group but alas this seems not to be possible.


Problem 'B'


We are using the latest version of the software and yet are finding that the 'Copies' count can suddenly vanish (again see attached) of if present if the + is clicked to expand the view the copy number can change - usually decrementing.


Problem 'C'


Similar to 'B', we are seeing that the count in the 'balance' column can reduce to zero.


Problem 'D'


We are seeing variations in software counts between those in TNI 1.6 and 2.x even though the v2.x database was created by importing data from version 1.6 and both systems have up to date scans.


If there is anything that I'm missing that can resolve some of the reporting issues, problems with the counts, and the data differential it'd be greatly appreciated as I do not want to have to run the two systems in parallel.


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Hello, Daron!


Problems B and C are a rare case of database corruption. Please, send us the database file for analysis (hidden .software file found in the storage root folder), we'll see what can be done.


Problem D needs further investigation. Could you please provide us with two versions of the same asset file before and after converting to the new format? We need an asset that have lost or gained some software installations according to TNI.


The Software accounting tab is under heavy redesign at the moment. Eventually the new version will arrive, far more advanced and powerful than the current one.

Particularly, problem A will be solved by an ability to merge several titles so they are considered the same software.

Most other problems with software accounting will disappear or have elegant solutions provided as well. We're working on it.

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Hi Miri, thanks for the reply.


Ref 'B' & 'C' - understood - can you PM me with the address you wish for me to send the file to please?


Problem 'D' I'll investigate and see if I can find an example ASAP visitors in the next couple of days so it may be next week.


Good news on 'A', looking forward to that update coming out!

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Cheers - you now have email which reads:


As per the discussions in the thread:




Please find attached:


TNI_001.JPG – Which shows app count prior to expansion of the ‘+’ symbol

TNI_002.JPG – Which shows reduced app count after expansion of the ‘+’ symbol

To_TNI_xxxxx.zip – Which contains the hidden .software file, and before and after audit files for ARES, BASTET, CRIUS, MARS, and MOROS. In the new TNI 2 these PCs fail to show up as having Windows 7 as an OS.


I also have other files where for example Avast AV is not detected, etc. Advise if you need the audit files for these too.


P.S. BTW you guys really need to upgrade to the new version of IP.Board forum software as it fixes a lot of glitches (I know as I run it as my forum software) 🙂



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  • 4 weeks later...

Okay with a little trepidation we've now moved over from TNI 1.xx to TNI2.xx :) We do still have a few issues which are:


1) Alerts under Viewer & reports:


Auto-updates status: Disabled - we are seeing this on a number of machines where auto-updates are not disabled and appear to be updating just fine


Low disk space on disk X - the problem here is that a few PCs on site use a recovery partition for machine rebuilds and this is what is being detected and the alert raised - ideally this should not be shown in the alert.


2) Operating systems under viewer & reports


The figure for Windows 7 reports 37 systems, and this also is the figure shown under software accounting. However the figure under 'accounting' is commonly incorrect (as already reported) and if the copies + symbol is expanded the figure corrects down to 36 systems. If one then goes back to the viewer and reports tab the figure there does not correct. Even if the program is exited and reloaded that incorrect count still stands.


3) We are still having to expand the copies + box to get an accurate count of the systems we have to monitor to get an exact correct count of the systems we wish to monitor.


4) Grouping - As advised earlier this is still a needed feature - is there any ETA yet at all?


5) Manually added assets


We have an political issue where we have 2-3 machines which I'm not permitted to scan using the auditing software. Now I can add the asset manually but that is about the totality of the feature. Ideally once the asset is added we need the ability to add software to it, so that for example we can say yes that machine has Windows 7 & Office 2010 on there. At the moment as we are unable to do that I'm still maintaining my license records by taking totals from TNI entering the data into a spreadsheet and then having manual add lines in there to take into account the 'political' machines'


6) Software accounting


The software accounting system, as you have advised is still in a condition of flux, and will be improved, but IMHO to make it viable with respect to the HTML export it needs:


- Support grouping (see above) so that an application only has one column instead of separate ones for each build number

- The top columns showing the names of the applications should have the option of being formatted vertically to reduce column widths

- Instead of the listing saying 'Installed' a tick or 'X' would be sufficient, again saving space

- The data in the columns should be center justified

- At the foot (or top - configurable) there should be a totals - both for the number of licenses counted and those in total

- Some sort of colour shading to differentiate columns / titles etc would be appreciated


Phew... I think that is it :)

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