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Logon script and TNIAudit operation

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We use a vBScript logon file so are having to use the following code to execute the audit application:


Set Command = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
cmd = """\\SERVER04\TNI_App\tniaudit.exe"" /Scripted"
Command.Run (cmd) 


This seems to work and we are getting data saved to the path defined in the .INI, however the .INI is beign ignored with respect to the scan delay:




As each time anyone logs onto a PC the audit application starts executing immediately.


Any ideas as it seems that part of the file is being read (where to save the XML files), but the scan delay is being ignored?

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This is by design of the program. It starts immediately and it hangs in memory, but it waits for the specified number of seconds and only then it starts actual scanning. The parameter name speaks for itself: it's not "startdelay" or "executedelay", but "scandelay". You should look not for the presence of the process in memory, but for the CPU time it consumes.

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Daron, we set our delay to 5 minutes to ensure the various processes and services have finished loading on our computers before tniaudit runs. (Some of the computers are older and slower.) One thing we noticed is that if the user logs in, but then reboots or logs off before the delay finishes and tniaudit runs, they will get a message that a process is still in running (tniaudit) and get prompted to terminate that process instead of simply logging off like you'd expect. You may want to test if that works the same way for you. It would be nice if this didn't happen and tniaudit would just close without incident. It's not a huge deal though, but is something to inform your users about if you find this occurs for you.

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