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Can you scan XP Embedded

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Was wondering if it is possible to scan XP Embedded Thin Clients.


Getting RPC Unavailable when I try. Firewall is off on them and WMI is enabled. And I get successful connectiosn to WMI remotely. Admin password is not blank. Admin shares are present.


Didn't check the simple file sharing yet. I know that can be another issue. But wasn't sure if this was a no go operating systen.

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Windows XP Embedded should be possible to scan if it doesn't work in terminal client mode. There may be some remote access security issues, same with Windows XP Professional. First I would suggest to try to change the connection method (go to "Options - Connection", set "Connection method" to "Auto-deployed agent" and uncheck the option "Try another method"), then try to scan again. This method should give more understandable error messages, if any. Also please check out our FAQ for common issues with remote access:

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