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tniaudit.exe error on logon script

Guest smteleco

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Guest smteleco



I've put in the logon script on my domain for auditing my pc's.


Some users obtain an "c:\tniaudit.exe" error.


It'S like the file cannot be copied on the c drive of some users.


Is it possible to force the copy? or run the tniaudit with administrative privil?ge?

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Try the following




RUNAS [/profile] [/env] [/netonly] /user:<UserName> program


/profile if the user's profile needs to be loaded

/env to use current environment instead of user's.

/netonly use if the credentials specified are for remote access only.

/user <UserName> should be in form USER@DOMAIN or DOMAIN\USER

program command line for EXE. See below for examples



> runas /profile /user:mymachine\administrator cmd

> runas /profile /env /user:mydomain\admin "mmc %windir%\system32\dsa.msc"

> runas /env /user:user@domain.microsoft.com "notepad \"my file.txt\""

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Guest smteleco

I'm not sure to understand exactly the command runas!


I use this script:




xcopy \\my_Server\netlogon\tni*.* c:\ /D

start c:\tniaudit.exe /scripted


Should I replace the last line with:


RUNAS /env /user:administrator@My_domain.com "c:\tniaudit.exe /scripted"




Thanks for your help

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RUNAS command will ask for the administrator's password, so that's not a very good solution for login script.

Some users may have no rights to write to the root of disk "C:". I would recommend to change the script as the following:

xcopy \\my_Server\netlogon\tni*.* %TEMP% /D
start %TEMP%\tniaudit.exe /scripted

I suppose that "savepath" parameter in the file tniaudit.ini points to some shared folder so you will not have to look for the result files in %TEMP% directories instead of C: roots.

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