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Asset License Count

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We have a 50 node license but now it's say we are over 50 asset,

We have about 30 Computer, 14 Zebra Printer, 9 HP Laser Printer and 5 Access Point, plus WIFI device we don;t want to track

How can we remove device from the asset count

         ( like out WIFI to for cell phone, tablet)

         the 14 Zebra Label  Printer

         5 Access Point

I only need to track out Computer and HP Printer this way we are still under 50 nodes

I found nothing about a way to know witch device is COUNTED into our 50 node license

Sylvain Larche

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Hello Sylvain,

Thanks for your message.

You can delete the devices that you don't want to track from the network tree. This will free up license spots.

Then you will have to modify and save the scan task that you use. Instead of scanning the whole network you can rescan your devices in the network tree.

Alternatively you can create a scan task that excludes certain devices. Use the "Quick add" field to add a scan task, then add the devices that you want to exclude with the "-" prefix.

For example, add a subnet:

Then exclude a device by adding the following line:


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