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Only scan Microsoft Windows based machines

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I am sorry about posting this question without checking the official documentation.

But I have one quick question about TNI.

Is there any way to configure TNI to only scan Microsoft Windows based machines and not add other devices like NAS?

We have a very small number of TNI licenses and I don't want TNI to scan all devices defined within our DNS (such as NAS boxes) and adding it into TNI and use up the licenses.

Thank you in advanced.

Thank you,

David Kim

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Hello David,

It is not possible to do this automatically. However, you can set credentials only for Windows systems using the corresponding column in the scanner. In this case, other devices won’t be scanned successfully and won’t occupy license spots.

After the scan, you’ll be able to filter the network tree using assistants to make sure that only the devices with a certain OS are displayed (or only the successfully scanned assets). In Options - Scanner - Scan settings you can also select whether you want to save the unsuccessfully scanned devices to the network tree or not.

You can also perform a network discovery by expanding the task in the scanner and then manually select the devices that you want to scan if you don’t want TNI to fill the network tree with any unnecessary devices.

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Thank you very much for your information.

I will definitely take a look at settings which you have mentioned.

One last question, do you happened to know why our NAS box (NetGear ReadyNAS) is keep on showing up in the tree?

ReadyNAS is linux box but we did enable Windows AD integration option so they show within our AD and DNS as a computing device.

Should I disable AD integration so it will not get read by TNI so it does not use up the TNI license?

Thank you,

David Kim

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Please check what information is displayed on the Viewer & reports tab when the General information category is selected on the right pane and this NAS is selected in the newtork tree. Send us a screenshot if possible.

If it was added to the network tree via AD synchronization, then it doesn't occupy a license spot untill it is succesfully rescanned.

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