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License clarifications

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Good Morning,

I have some doubts about the duration of the license.

I need to buy a license for 1000 assets. 

Does the license during for a year?
Do I have to pay each year to use the software?
What limitations do I have if I do not renew the license after one year?
Thanks in advance
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Good morning,

Thanks for your message.

When you purchase a license, you get one year of free updates. The license is perpetual for the current version and all updates released during the year. After that you may continue to use the last version available to you, or renew your license to get new updates (not mandatory). The cost of renewal for one year is 20% of the license price at the time of renewal. The support is free.

The only limitation if you don’t renew your license is that you won’t be able to use the latest version of the program (if it is released after your maintenance period has ended).

You can renew your license anytime. For example, you can wait until we release some new interesting feature and then purchase the license renewal for one year.

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