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Software Accounting question

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I got this situation, when I go to the manage database button in the Software accounting tab, I update the software database and in the Import section it said that the software database in TNI 2 format detected and this storage is linked to an obselete software database. I can import it but I got old software that we are not using anymore and of course the database is not up to date.

Is there a way to import a TNI 3 format since I my version 3.4.2 build 2366. I attach a print screen shot.

thanks in advance




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Hi Joe,

This happens because TNI 3 detects the old TNI 2 database in the storage folder. If this database is outdated, then there is no need in importing it now. Simply use the “Update software database” button to rebuild the database in accordance with your current storage.

If you don’t want to import the database from TNI 2 and you’d like to remove this notification, then you need to move or delete the “.software” file from your storage folder. Make sure to leave the “.software.db” file though. Please note that both these files are hidden.

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To import assets that were scanned by any version of TNI, simply copy the .inv files of these assets into the storage folder. If TNI 3 is running and connected to that storage at the moment, the new files will be converted to the new format if necessary and imported immediately. Otherwise, the files will be imported next time TNI 3 is started and the Storage opened.

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