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remote monitoring

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It's possible to scan remote computers if they connect to your network via VPN or share the same VLAN, and if it's possible to reach shared resources of each workstation. Otherwise, you can install TNI on each remote site and access it remotely via remote desktop utility to perform the scan and to save the scan results to a Dropbox folder (or any other folder that allows the files saved in it to be available to you). After that, you can gather all the information in your HQ, where it can be imported to the main storage. You can configure the auto-import feature that will gather the information from the shared folders into the main database.

Currently, we are working on an improved version of the scanning agent that will be able to send the collected information to you by email or FTP. This update will be released very soon.

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Hello Team,

we have a similar request. Our key account managers are abroad very often and connected via VPN at irregular intervals. We imagine an information picker / collector at their windows devices. The collector sends the information via e-mail or ftp to a central (TNI) unit to be imported automatically. Could you estimate when the new feature is available?

Thank you.

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