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Replacing machines on domain

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I had to replace a malfunctioning machine on my domain, let's say named "computer01". So I renamed it like so "computer01-old". I joined the new machine to the domain and named it "computer01". Then I ran the scan on it. However the reports still shows information for the old machine. So it looks like it ran the scan but the information was not updated. What is the proper procedure in such cases so the information gets updated?

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Thanks for your message.

The Distinguish assets option determines under what condition your devices will be distinguished (differentiated) in the network tree. Right-click the root node of your storage and open its Properties. There you’ll find the Distinguish assets option under the Scan settings category. Switch this option to By network name and domain. After that, a new snapshot should appear in this device after a rescan. If this option is set to By hardware, a new device with a new MAC address should appear in the network tree when you rescan your network (unless this new machine has the same MAC as the old one).

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Thank you! That worked. Still... If I re-scan a machine and there were changes, shouldn't the scan pick them up without futzing with settings? That would be nice.

You are right. However, there still should be at least two scenarios when the program merges the inventory information. Some of our customers prefer tracking the hardware part of each computer (disregarding the network name), while others would like to use the network name as the identifier for each workstation. You can choose which option suits you better.

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