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Licence Inventory Problem

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Hi there,

is there an option to merge all the different "minor-Versions" in one "software-product"?


Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013 - de-de 15.0.4433.1508

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013 - de-de 15.0.4727.1003

=> Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013

The Problem is that i have a mix of retail and VL Keys and a very high number of different software Versions (minor-versions)

Another problem i have is that i can't seperate Retail and VL Keys / Versions in the Key-Field. So the number of activations

is impossible to handle.



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Hi Matthias,

Yes, you can merge different software versions on the “Software accounting” tab. Select two or more products from the main software list, then click Merge on the bottom panel. There you will be able to specify a new title and select a publisher for the merged software.

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Hi Matthias,

Just in case, there is a topic in the documentation regarding the software items merging:


As for the second mentioned problem, we suggest creating different licenses for different type of keys. Only put the keys that have the same number of activated copies into the same license (because each of the keys in the same license is treated to have the same specified number of activations). This should work because it is possible to assign more than one license to the same software item (and this software itme should be a merged collection of minor versions).

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