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Why not allow for customization

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I thought of allowing customization when I noticed that TNI was not returning the correct version for IE 10.  Since I know which registry key version 10 was located it would have been really convenient for me to specify any registry key I wanted to be returned.

I also would like to know which firmware my Crucial 300 SSD has, but TNI does not return that either.  Since I know that FirmwareRevision can be returned via the Win32_DiskDrive object, it would be nice if I can specify any item from any WMI Class I wanted to be returned.

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We have already thought of such customizations as custom scan for registry keys and files (though not for WMI classes) too. We would like to add them in the future. Meanwhile we will add FirmwareRevision field for the disk drive objects. Thank you.

Was this ever implemented? I would like to read data from the windows 10 registry to populate a custom field created in a TNI report.

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Your original reply was from 2013. Is this software still being updated if "We hope to implement it in the future." has been going on for over 6 years?

Do we have any way of updating the records in the database or do we need to hand jam every field with data that is already on the machine? Are you running a MYSQL database in the background we can modify and update?

Are the TNI files encrypted or can we modify them via a script before import?

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>Is this software still being updated if "We hope to implement it in the future." has been going on for over 6 years?
We are a small team. We implement new features based on the popularity of requests from our users. You can check the full changelog over the past years in TNI (Help - Check for updates). We've made many improvements so far. The feature that you are requesting will be added, but we still can't provide you with an estimate. We have strict development plans for the next 6 months.

Total Network Inventory operates a database of its own format. It's not possible to update or modify any data that is collected automatically.

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+1 for this feature - it seems like something that should be pretty trivial as you must already be reading registry entries and writing the results to the database...?

6 years in your todo list really means it has zero priority for you - can I ask how you assess the "popularity of requests from your users" - the few feature requests threads I've reviewed on this forum don't seem to be getting any action...is there somewhere else that we should be logging feature requests?

Any chance we can see the "strict" roadmap for the next 6 months...?

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Hello again,
We created several polls in our blog to determine the popularity of certain queries:
We've already implemented the most popular requests of the 2016 poll, plus many other improvements. And as you can see from the 2019 poll, your request will also be implemented in the future. In addition, we keep records of all user requests and have them ranked by popularity.

Our plans for the next 6 months are as follows:
The next TNI release introduces the improved identification mechanism for network devices.
After that we plan to release an update that should bring improvements and critical fixes to the Software Asset Management module, plus your request regarding the detection of Bitlocker encryption should also be implemented. We will also start working on the new 64-bit version of TNI to overcome the memory limitations of the current version. In addition we plan to improve the network map and the scheduler mechanism.

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Hi Alex,

I must say the registry feature is a very important one. I work at a small office with a few handful of PC's that need to be administered. it is crucial for us to find a tool that is able to help us with administrative checks, we don't want to set up a domain just to be able to check if a few settings are set correctly to make sure we stick to our guidelines.

A possibility to do some reporting or just a few simple checks on the registry would be a gamechanger considering all the possibilities!

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Hello Alex,

We agree that this is one of the essential features that should be implemented in TNI. You can be sure that it will be implemented in any case.

The registry scan feature may be implemented in various ways, and its functionality may also vary. We'd like to ask you to describe the exact use cases and tasks that you'd like to solve with it. 

Currently, we know of several limitations for this functionality:
1. As we know, it won't be possible to scan and transfer the whole registry data to the TNI storage. Each INV file would be too big in this case. 
2. In addition, searching for a specific value in the registry may take up to 10 minutes in some cases (unless we're just checking for a specific key or if we're checking for a large number of keys). 
3. The previous point is valid for the HKLM keys, but HKCU keys may vary for servers that have multiple users logged in at the same time.

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