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WMI: Driver Versions for Windows

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I would like to suggest an enhancement in the hardware section.


I think, that it would be useful to display the driver versions for the devices in the hardware devices view. There are WMI classes in the context root\cimv2 for this like Win32_PnPDevice (list of devices) and Win32_PnPSignedDriver (list of details with driver versions).


From my point of view this information is important for keeping the manufacturer drivers up-to-date. A group report with the complete hardware would be nice as well.


I hope, you can implement this in TNI.


(Keep up the great work. For us it TNI2 is the best work tool, we have seen in the last seven years. )


Greetings, Karel

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I would like to emphasize, that it would be important to scan drivers and driver versions on a PC.




For a system administrator it is very important to identify installed driver versions on a PC that have bugs or security issues.




It would be a great feature, if the scanning agent could get this information as well.



Here is some further reading to the issue:










Greetings, Karel


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Hi Zak,


I have tested a bit the new Version 3.0 of TNI.


The Driver Version feature is still missing in the Devices Section. (There is only a rudimentary implementation for the display drivers.)


I would like to point out, that this is really a very important and a very useful feature.


(Some vendors have their own Driver-management solutions. Like Lenovo System Update or HP SoftPaq Manager. Some Vendors do not have a driver management at all.)


In my humble opinion many people would be thankful for an implementation of this.


Greetings, Karel

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