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  1. We apologize for the delay. We've checked all possible scenarios on this Ubuntu version, but we haven't encountered this problem on both root and standard users. Please try one of the following solutions: 1. Create a new user and add it to the sudoers group. There may be a problem with your current user. 2. You can enable the root account and use it to perform the scan: a. Use the following command to change or create the root password: sudo passwd root b. Edit the OpenSSH config: sudo gedit /etc/ssh/sshd_config Change the "PermitRootLogin" string to "yes" and make sure the li
  2. Thanks for the information. We'll check the scanning agent on this Ubuntu version and let you know the result.
  3. Hello, Thanks for your message. Please let us know what Linux version you are trying to scan. Usually these two commands should run the agent without a problem if you are using an account with administrative privileges: chmod 755 tnilinagent_x64 tnilinagent_x64 Have you tried performing the scan using the root account? Let us know if "lifuser" is in the sudoers group?
  4. Hi! Thanks for your message. Yes. Usually, this information can be collected via SNMP. Add the network printers to the scanner and use the SNMP column to enter the credentials and select the protocol version. After a successful scan, the information will be available on the Viewer & reports tab in the SNMP tree category.
  5. Hello Alex, We agree that this is one of the essential features that should be implemented in TNI. You can be sure that it will be implemented in any case. The registry scan feature may be implemented in various ways, and its functionality may also vary. We'd like to ask you to describe the exact use cases and tasks that you'd like to solve with it. Currently, we know of several limitations for this functionality: 1. As we know, it won't be possible to scan and transfer the whole registry data to the TNI storage. Each INV file would be too big in this case. 2. In addition, searching for a
  6. Hello again, We created several polls in our blog to determine the popularity of certain queries: https://www.softinventive.com/blog/vote-for-new-features-of-tni/ https://www.softinventive.com/blog/vote-for-new-features-of-tni-2/ We've already implemented the most popular requests of the 2016 poll, plus many other improvements. And as you can see from the 2019 poll, your request will also be implemented in the future. In addition, we keep records of all user requests and have them ranked by popularity. Our plans for the next 6 months are as follows: The next TNI release introduces the imp
  7. Hello. >12 months on...any update...? Is it on the schedule for the next 6 months...? Sure. We plan to implement this feature in autumn.
  8. Buenos días, Puede encontrar el archivo del agente en la carpeta de instalación de TNI: C:\Program Files (x86)\Total Network Inventory Ejecute el archivo de agente tnimacagent desde la consola: chmod 755 tnimacagent ./tnimacagent
  9. Hello, Thanks for your message. You can configure the resident agent on each computer that cannot be reached directly. Such agent performs scheduled scans and can send the data file generated after each scan via e-mail or FTP, or save it to a network share. You can find the description here: https://docs.softinventive.com/tni/user-manual/scanning-using-agents/resident-agent-scan Unfortunately, the current version of the resident agent cannot send the INV files directly to the main TNI unit.
  10. Dear Gabe, Please note that in TNI 4.1.5 you can already create and manage scheduled backup tasks for the TNI storage. This option is available in Options - Scheduler.
  11. Hello, Gabe. Thanks for your message. Please let us know if you are getting this error on the latest TNI version (4.1.5). We fixed this problem a while ago.
  12. >Is this software still being updated if "We hope to implement it in the future." has been going on for over 6 years? We are a small team. We implement new features based on the popularity of requests from our users. You can check the full changelog over the past years in TNI (Help - Check for updates). We've made many improvements so far. The feature that you are requesting will be added, but we still can't provide you with an estimate. We have strict development plans for the next 6 months. Total Network Inventory operates a database of its own format. It's not possible to update or m
  13. Hello, >Was this ever implemented? I would like to read data from the windows 10 registry to populate a custom field created in a TNI report. This request is still on our to-do list. We hope to implement it in the future.
  14. Hello, Thanks for your message. Unfortunately it's not possible to automatically add any information to the TNI database. You can only add and customize additional fields manually in the properties of a device.
  15. Hi Richardmax, The development team has confirmed this limitation for MySQL databases. The latest driver version is not yet supported. This issue will be solved in one of the updates. Meanwhile we can only use the driver version 5.3.6 for MySQL or install the Postgresql database. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  16. Hi Denis, If the remote computers are not part of a domain, we recommend running the .reg file with the following contents: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa] "forceguest"=dword:00000000 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\system] "LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy"=dword:00000001 Please try running it on several computers and let us know if this helps. In addition, you can check the following using the same credentials as you specified in TNI: - is it possible to open \\computername\admin$
  17. Puede encontrar información detallada sobre los números de puerto y los protocolos utilizados para escanear en TNI en las siguientes páginas de nuestra documentación: https://docs.softinventive.com/tni/faq#FAQ-Portnumbers https://docs.softinventive.com/tni/techpaper/scanning-microsoft-windows-assets https://docs.softinventive.com/tni/techpaper/scanning-unix-based-assets https://docs.softinventive.com/tni/techpaper/scanning-other-network-assets Háganos saber si encuentra algún problema.
  18. Buenos dias. Puede corregir el error de escaneo "Acceso denegado" en los sistemas Windows siguiendo las recomendaciones de nuestras Preguntas frecuentes: http://docs.softinve...-Accessisdenied Si las computadoras remotas no están en el dominio, asegúrese de probar el archivo .reg que se describe en las recomendaciones. El acceso denegado es un error estándar de Windows cuando no puede acceder a la carpeta compartida remota. Debe asegurarse de que puede hacer lo siguiente. Verifique lo siguiente utilizando las mismas credenciales que especificó en TNI: - abra la carpeta \\computername\ad
  19. Please try restarting the Network Olympus services. If the problem persists, follow these steps: 1. Please send us all log files that you can find in the following folder (you can archive the whole folder): C:\Program Files (x86)\Network Olympus\Bin\Logs 2. Let us know if the program is installed on a physical or virtual machine. Let us know the OS version. 3. Let us know the subnet mask that is used in the network where Network Olympus is installed. 4. Make sure to add the Network Olympus executable to the antivirus and firewall whitelist.
  20. Hi Richardmax, Please try reinstalling the ODBC driver. You can download it here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=36434 Try installing the x86 version of the driver. This may solve the problem.
  21. This issue has been fixed. Please open Viewer & reports -> OS information. The correct Version ID should be displayed there.
  22. Hello, Unfortunately it's not possible to manually modify this list. If you want some new devices to be added, please send us a request at support@softinventive.com
  23. Hello Dimitri, Thanks for your message. Please try enabling the full low-level hardware scanning in Options - Scanner. Then rescan this asset and let us know the result.
  24. Por favor use el siguiente enlace para descargar TNI 3.6.2: https://www.softinventive.com/downloads/tni-setup-
  25. >Podríamos contactarnos via Hangout? Lamentablemente no es posible. Póngase en contacto con nosotros por correo electrónico y envíenos algunas capturas de pantalla del problema.
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