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Bad Temp File Names

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I have encountered the following problem with TNI 2 on a Windows XP machine:

Whenever I scan a Linux system, the scanner attempts to create a temporary file in

c:\Documents\[username]\Local Settings\Temp\TNITEMPSCANDIR\*

with a filename containing a question mark (?).

Naturally, Windows refuses to create such a file, since question marks are not allowed in filenames.

When scanning a Windows PC (the one I'm working on, since the rest of the network runs Linux), no such error occurs.


System setup is as follows:

1 Windows XP machine running TNI 2.0.4 Trial Version (won't upgrade to full unless it's working, obviously)

1 Centos 6 server

15 Centos 6 clients


All machines are successfully detected, and the scan runs up to 95% before quitting. I used the root account on the Linux machines, since Centos doesn't normally allow sudo. On the Windows machine I use an administrator account.


Thanks in advance,



*That's probably not the correct name, I use the German version of XP, where all the paths have neat German names, which makes googling the error so much easier ....

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