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Sticky tags and groups?

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Hi, KeithF! Thanks for your message.


The behavior you've described is a bug. Tags and groups actually are "sticky" and they should persist between sessions. We'll try to solve your problem.


Worth to mention: we're working on updated version of software accounting tab for TNI. It will be wa-a-a-ay better than the current one. But its development may slow down bug-fixing in current version, so we apologize in advance for this.

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Thanks for your response,


A little more information in case it helps. We have TNI setup on a workstation acting as a server with three of us able to access the PC. It appears that the only person that can make the tags and groups stay is the person that was the first one to use TNI after the install of the software. That person can create tags and groups enter license information and it saves everything. The other two users can log on the computer and open TNI and see everything the first one created, but we can't get TNI to "keep" our tags groups etc.


Hope this helps,

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