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Hello again dear support.


In a previous release of TNI (1.6.8), i was able to obtain data information from TNI file inventory, because was encapsuled on a xml file.


But now in TNI 2, i'm not able to obtain information because the file is in a special format.


This is a necessary option for me, because i need to share the inventory information to the applications developed in my enterprise.


Is possible to obtain data information or is necessary that we make a downgrade to the 1.6.8 version.


Thank you for all.

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Hello Martín,


It's not possible to use the information from .inv files right away. It is really in a special format. In general, it is possible to implement the export of this data to XML format. However, the data in the .inv files has completely different structure. XML files of the version 1.6.8 contained raw WMI data and processing was made on-the-fly, while INV files contain already processed information for simpler output, and it's not possible to restore the same amount of information (same as with lossy compression formats). It means that such XML file will have completely different structure (tag names, attributes, etc).

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Hello Zak. Thank you for your response.


But, is there any form to read information from this file, to create an interface with TNI and my systems?.


Can you give me the specifications of that file to create an interface to stablish data interchange between TNI and my applications or its not possible?,


Or if you have an exe that can export information from inv file to xml or txt.


I ask you, because, i really need this.


Or is possible to autogenerate a report file at certain time?.


Thank you.

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If the autogeneration of reports can replace the need to access the information directly, we would rather add a possibility to make scans and generate reports via scheduler than a possibility to export the information from .inv files. Scheduled scans and reporting is an important feature and it is already planned. Even if there was a possibility to export information from .inv files to XML or TXT, it still needs to be scheduled, right? To export the up-to-date information... So if we need to make scheduler anyway, it would better to allow to run reports at certain time.

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