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Create Custom Report - Software limitation

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Hello Zac,


we recently purchased the TTI 2 Software.


Actually we are running in only one big Problem:


In our report, we only need two software components; Microsoft OS and Office Version.


We've been trying about 4 hours now,


I'd like to know how we can reduce the software-part of reporting on only Windows Version and Office Version,

actually we are getting EVERY single Software installed on the machines (.NET Framework, Adobe Reader and many many

more unnecessary information.)


Please help.


Thanks so far...

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Hello, Phantomgb.


As of now there's no possibility to modify contents of report categories in View details mode. This feature is planned and is worked on right now, but it won't be released anytime soon.


There is another way to retrieve the data you need via the Software accounting mode.


The following steps will yield a table. Each row is an asset that has any of selected software installed, each column is one of software items. The cell on the intersection will tell if particular software item is installed on particular computer.


1. Go to Software accounting tab;

2. Make sure the needed assets are selected in the network tree;

3. Clear the software filters if there are any;

4. Click Reports / Assets x Software in the sidebar;

5. Use search to find the software you need and tick checkboxes against each of the items (all Windows and Office versions in your case);

6. On the sidebar, make sure Hide empty rows is checked and check whatever asset fields you need in report (available are: IP address, hostname and alias):

7. Click Build on the sidebar.


If this is not at all what you need, the next update will make it possible to build a Table report like this:


| Asset | Windows version | Office version |


The update will be out really soon: like, within a week.


More features for software reporting are definitely coming later, but we can't estimate the arrival time for them yet.

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