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¡TNI 2 is here!

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I'm sure many folks are happy to see this! Thank you for all the hard work!


I'm going through some things now. I know I had reported some of these before, but the below computers are being reported as 'desktops' when in fact they should be reported as 'laptops'.


HP EliteBook 2530p laptop

CPU: Intel Core2 Duo CPU L9400 @ 1.86GHz


HP EliteBook 2540p laptop

CPU: Intel Core i7 CPU L 640 @ 2.13GHz


HP EliteBook 2730p tablet

CPU: Intel Core2 Duo CPU L9400 @ 1.86GHz


HP EliteBook 2730p tablet

CPU: Intel Core2 Duo CPU L9300 @ 1.60GHz


HP EliteBook 8540p laptop

CPU: Intel Core i7 CPU Q 820 @ 1.73GHz


HP EliteBook 8560p laptop

CPU: Intel Core i5-2540M CPU @ 2.60GHz


HP EliteBook 8460p laptop

CPU: Intel Core i5-2520M CPU @ 2.50GHz


HP EliteBook 2560p laptop

CPU: Intel Core i7-2620M CPU @ 2.70GHz


HP EliteBook 2760p tablet

CPU: Intel Core i5-2520M CPU @ 2.50GHz

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Sorry for the delayed response. Thank you for adding this!


I haven't done a thorough check yet, but initially I thought it wasn't working as I checked an existing asset and it still showed as a desktop. So I rescanned it but it still showed as a desktop. So I deleted all previous snapshots, but still showed as a desktop. I then "reloaded" my TNI Storage, but that didn't help either. I had to delete the record in TNI and then scan it in new and now it shows as a laptop.


I'll do some more checking, but will existing laptops that are showing as desktops need to be deleted and rescanned? I see you can set the asset properties manually, but currently with 7,199 assets in my list, that would be a bit of a chore to go through and set these.

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The detection is made only when the first scan is done. Afterwards asset type is not changed by the program. Really, they need to be deleted and rescanned. But in the next update we will add a possibility to redetermine the asset type and virtual type to avoid the need to clear everything and rescan from scratch or setting the properties manually.

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Exactly. Using table reports you can do many things. And what you can't do there, you can do in Excel by exporting the report to CSV (like highlighting duplicate values, etc).



You're welcome 🙂 We have released an update today which contains the "Reset properties" feature. Just select your storage root, go to "Edit - Properties", click "Reset properties", tick the checkbox "Determine device type" and click "Apply". All devices' types will be redetected. This feature is safe for network devices, it will not reset their type to "generic device".

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