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Scanning PC with 2 IP adresses.

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I use fullversion 1.6.8 (2850) and have a big problem.


i have many laptops in our domain and some of them are connected both with WIRED and WIRELESS !

(ip range for wired=x.x.40.x and for wireless=x.x.50.x)


when i scan the range 40 it founds the laptop and i setup up the "custom Fields" i have defined.


but, when i then scan range 50 TNI founds the laptop again an deletes all the "custom fields" entries.


how can i fix this?

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Unfortunately this may happen if you make a rescan using auto-deployed agent and the detected network name of a computer differs from the name displayed in the program (which is also the name of the XML file with computer's data). This obviously happens when you reach a computer via another network adapter. This will be fixed in TNI 2.0. A temporary solution would be to use only agent-free connection for scan ("File - Options - Connection method - Agent-free connection", and uncheck the option "Try another method"). Our apologies for the inconvenience.

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