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TNI Questions.

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Our company is looking into the product and I have a few questions.


1). does this version, or will the new version keep historical data on Pc's? example....a PC that has 2gb, was upgraded to 4gb, or was swapped out with a newer model. would there be a way to look back to each time a system was inventoried to get an idea when things have changed on that particular machine? Or is it something hopefully upcoming in a new version? (this is a HUGE thing for us) which leads me in the next question.


2). will the next version be SQL or otherwise "databased" vs XML files? to be able to look at historical data?


3). are there any plans for a web based interface?


4). how come no one answers any of the telephone numbers, nor do i get emails back from the website with asked questions? kinda makes support worrysome.


5). is there an ETA for the newest version?



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Hi Thrashie,


1) The current version of the program does not keep historical data. The next version (Total Network Inventory 2.0) will keep snapshots for each scan, and some time later we will add change tracking.


2) The next version will not be databased, but it also will not use XML files. The inventory information for each PC will be stored in custom compressed format. The snapshot of a computer with a pretty huge number of installed software and services (developer PC) will weight under 40 KB. Common office PC's snapshots will be about 20-30 KB.


3) There are plans for a web-based interface, but not in the version 2.0.


4) The phone support is available mostly during European business hours. As for emails, we cannot find any messages from the address specified in your profile, neither in the inboxes, nor in the spam folders. Please specify which online form you have used, have you specified the same email, and when have you sent the message. By the way, we have received your feedback sent using the TNI 2.0 beta version integrated feedback form.


5) TNI 2.0 is about to be released in 1-2 months.

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