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user information -Total Network Inventory(TNI)

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We have gone through your Total Network Inventory(TNI) eval s/w , need to know few details as follows:


1) TNI latest version

2) new features of the SW

3) whether it displays the info. like machine model no. serial no & product ID or Product number and peripherals info like scanner , printer and others if any attached directly to the machine .

4) Also need to know whether we can get / access information through TNI from multiple OS installed on the machines ie Windows , RHEL Linux, Unix, Irix, Ubuntu, Mandriva etc.

5) In eval version Total network monitor is not found on this computer. Pls clarify.


Pl. revert back on the above queries asap.

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1) The latest version of TNI is 1.6.8. However the new version of Total Network Inventory 2.0 is about to be released soon. It is currently in the beta stage and the beta version can be downloaded here.


2) The main features of the current version (1.6.8) are described here.


Major highlights of Total Network Inventory 2.0:

- Completely redesigned interface.

- Improved reporting features.

- Advanced network scanner with AD support.

- Compressed data storage.

- Mac OS X and Linux support.

- Advanced software accounting.


3) Machine model and serial number and asset tag of a computer are displayed in the "Computer/Motherboard" category. Serial number of a monitor is also collected. Serial numbers of other peripherals (printer, scanner, etc.) are not collected.


4) Current version of TNI supports only client and server Windows systems (2000 and newer, and also 98/NT with some restrictions). The version 2.0 will also be able to scan various Linux versions and Mac OS X.


5) If Total Network Monitor is installed correctly, it does not depend if it's trial version or not. It can be launched via "Tools - Run Total Network Monitor". However these programs are not integrated into each other except for the possibility to launch one from another.

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