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".compressed" filenames?

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We had a situation where somehow the filenames in our network location where our login scripts store the resulting data files had all their filenames changed from "name.xml" to "name.xml.compressed". The files are definately compressed too as they were around 1,204KB in size are are now less than 90KB in size.


What this has done is that when we try to "refresh" our audit tool folder, it doesn't find any data files to refresh, since there aren't any in .xml format anymore.


I suspect that somehow someone inside the program set their "Storage" folder location to the network folder instead of setting it to what should be a 'local' folder on their hard drive. And then under the Storage options, the option to "Compress previous folder on changing of folder" is checked and then this person change the location to a new folder and now the previous folder, which is actually our network location got compressed.


Couple of questions:


- Is there a way to "change back", or convert these now '.compressed' files back into normal .xml files? I assume there is and I'm just overlooking it.


- Could perhaps the new version of the program not have the option to compress set as the default? I'm just thinking ahead here that if this is what caused our issue, it might be nice to not have the option to compress files preset as the default option in TNI.

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You are right, this is the only way the files could become compressed. To fix this, uncheck the option "Compress previous folder" in your copy of TNI, then select your audit folder as the storage folder in "Options - Storage" and select "Tools - Refresh data storage folder" in the main menu. This will decompress all files, and the process will be displayed on the status bar. When it's finished, select your normal data folder again.


In the next version the files will be always compressed and there will be no option to keep them uncompressed (they are much smaller uncompressed, but compression adds even more to the traffic and storage space savings). The agent will save compressed files and TNI will load them normally both from the storage folder and from the audit folder.

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