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I'm doing a selection of applications for do one inventory for my company.


I did a big test with Total Network Inventory and this it's my improvements review I think Total Network inventory should have for be better.


- All the computers should not have the same administrator password. So when I need to do a rescan I should change each time the user/password in the options of the program. Why it's not saved the user/password used in the last scan for a computer inside the information/configuration of the computer. On this way we could do a rescan of a lot of computers and it should use the same password used in the last scan.


- Other improvement should be to allow some user/password pairs in the main configuration of the application, in this way we could add all the user-passwords we in our company and the application could try to do the scanning with each password until it finds the correct one. When it detects the correct one, this user/password should be saved for future rescans.


- If I change the detected name of a device to other one in the application (not the name of the computer in the OS) it should not be added another time when I do a newer online scanning using IP intervals. The program should detect this IP it's now in the inventory and it should update the older register with the custom name.


- A computer should have more than one IP. This should be difficult to detect by one program, but I think the user should be add all the IPs of the computer in one ocurrence of the computer. This need to be keep in mind when we changed the name of device in the application as I said in the previous paragraph.


For the end I will say the Total Network Inventory it's a very very good application for do inventories in companys with a lot of computers. In my case I need some more options but I think I could use it for my objectives if I don't found nothing better.


Thanks for allow me to test your application,


Greets from Spain.

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Buenos días,


Thanks for testing our product and your ideas.


1) and 2) The next version of the program will provide the possibility to add a list of usernames/passwords and assign them to an IP range in the Scan Wizard. Then it will remember the username/password which suited each computer. Also it will be possible to specify username/password for certain computers manually.


3) Currently it is not possible to change the name of a device (only manually by renaming the file and value of tag in the file itself). But then really, you will have a duplicate, because computer name is treated as unique identifier. The next version of the program will use MAC address and some other parameters (serial number, etc.) as unique identifiers of a computer, so even if you change the network name in Windows, it will detect that this is the same computer. Moreover, there will be an editable field "alias" (display name) which can be easily changed.


4) More than one IP address (many network interfaces) is a hard situation, because in this case even MAC addresses are different. However if the network interfaces are connected to different networks, only one of them will be found when you scan one network. In other case, there will be duplicates. Perhaps we will make the possibility to combine such computers into one manually.

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