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SNMP devices in reports?

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I have scanned via IP address and found 8 computers and 12 additional devices. The additional devices only have the information that was detected via SNMP. When i run reports it only list the systems that ran the full inventory. I need to get a report that list all devices with their relevant information.Or, at least, a second report for SNMP-only devices.


Also, is there any way to maintain a list of objects that were detected but could not be queried (RPC unavailable of access denied)?

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It is a limitation of the current program's version: it cannot include SNMP-devices to any report, but only can show some basic information retrieved from them in general view mode. This limitation will be removed in the next version of the program.


As to the unqueried objects, you can get this list on the Scan Wizard's last page, before you click "Finish". You can sort the scan process table by the "Status" column (click on its header) and then use right-click menu to copy or export this data to a CSV file (to get the data into a spreadsheet application). You will have the list actually grouped by the error messages (including successfully scanned - "Scan OK" message). In the next version of the program this will also be improved - such objects will be added to the network tree and alerts will be displayed for each of them showing a scan error.

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