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MS Office products installed

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HI All


This would seem a no-brainer, but I cannot seem to find the answer to the following:


How does one use TNI to show the various products *installed* under Microsoft Office 2003? For example, display that machine number 1 has Word, Access, and show that machine 2 has Powerpoint, Word and no Access.


All I can find to do is to show the generic "MS Office" without a clue to what is installed. That is not very useful. This is pretty much why we bought TNI, thinking it will show installed products....





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I wonder, when you installed Office did you use an "Office" CD or was it the individual application CD such as you bought just Microsoft Word for a particular user and received a "Microsoft Word" installation CD instead of a "Microsoft Office CD"? If you installed the subcomponents of Office using an Office CD, I don't know that TNI can show anything else but the product name of the CD that was installed and is listed under the 'Installed Programs' in Windows, which is most likely "Microsoft Office 200x", instead of breaking out optional components that may or may not have been selected as part of the overall Office installation.


We are fortunate in that we purchase Office Pro licenses for our users, so they all get all the components of Office installed and we don't piece meal individual subcomponents of the Office installation. I agree it would be nice if it could break out the major Office components installed though, but I understand why it doesn't as it just lists what shows up under the installed programs list under Control Panel.

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Thank you, Hemo2, your reply is correct. TNI lists software as it is listed in "Add or remove programs" in Control Panel. So if it's full Office package with only Word installed, it will not be able to show "Word". Only if it's a separate product which registers itself in the installed software list appropriately. I think we will work on this to add such possibility in the future versions.

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