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I'm wondering if I am not understanding the "Time zone" value. I scanned computers that are set for the Central Standard Timezone (CST), which under the time settings in the computer it shows as "GMT-06:00 Central Time (US & Canada)" on a Windows XP workstation and "UTC-06:00 Central Time (US & Canada)" on a Windows 7 workstation.


In TNI v1.6.7 and 1.6.8, the Time zone value it reflects when running a report for these computers is shown as "GMT --5:00". Am I misinterpreting the results in TNI when comparing to the timezone setting on the workstation, or should these actually match up to reflect -06:00?

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But that isn't accurate for the time zone value. Whether daylight savings is in effect or not, it doesn't change the time zone setting. Wouldn't it be more appropriate to show the actual time zone itself, instead of an adjusted value? I understand daylight savings time is in effect in most of the country, but that doesn't change which time zone the computer has been set to use. Our computers are spread across two time zones and if the time zone is set wrong on a pc then your appointments in Exchange are off and being able to quickly determine the time zone of a pc in TNI might be helpful in some instances. Assuming the checkbox for daylight savings is set properly on a pc, we can do the math to figure it out, but then we have to remember if daylight savings is in effect and assume the checkbox is set properly and also then know which time zone the computer is supposed to be a member of.


I would request a review of this for potential inclusion in a future update to instead show the true time zone value the computer is set for and then in a different field show whether or not daylight savings is in effect. Thank you.

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I'm afraid I have to revive this old topic. (Sorry!) In TNI v2.0.5, I'm still seeing the time zone reflected incorrectly in the Operating System information. My computer is set to "(UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)", but TNI shows that it is "GMT -0-5:00".


I understand the resulting math if you add the hour for Daylist Savings Time (CST), but the resulting Timezone reflected is not accurate.


I bring this up again because we just had an issue the other day where a user was saying their time was constantly wrong. Turns out the option to adjust for Daylight Savings Time was not checked, when it should have been. We've also had issues in the past where the wrong timezone was seleted when the comptuer was setup, which can cause issues with Outlook appointment reminders not coming up at the correct time. So we really need to be able to differentiate between the DST option being checked or unchecked, and also the timezone that has been selected.


We have computers in our organization that are installed in two different timezones and what we would much prefer in TNI is if the Timezone information and the option to adjust for DST were two sepearte fields. That way the Timezone that is set would properly be reflected in TNI and also we would easily see if the option to adjust for DST is also set, or not set.


As it is, if you have a combination of the wrong timezone and/or wrong DST option checked, you can't rely on TNI to verify if these two items are set correctly. (Especially when we have different timezones in our computers to contend with.)

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Hi, thanks for reminding us of this issue. We have now fixed it and the fix will be available in the next update. The program will show two time zones (the one set in control panel and the current one, which might include DST bias), as well as whether auto-adjust for DST is enabled (control panel setting) and whether DST is in effect now.

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