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Computer type in tabular reports

Guest Alex

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Please download this file, unpack the archive and copy the file "tni.exe" to the program's installation directory, then run the program. You will find the field "Computer type" in the custom tabular reports ("Options - Tab reports").


Por favor, descargue este archivo, descomprimimos el archivo y copie el archivo "tni.exe" en el directorio de instalación del programa, a continuación, ejecutar el programa. Encontrará el campo "Computer type" en la costumbre de los informes tabulares ("Opciones - Informe Tab.").


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I have to ask, does this updated .exe contain any other features?


We have an interest in the features of the 'next' version of TNI. About a month ago it was mentioned that the new version was about 2 months away. Is that still on track? (I ask because reading past posts it appears that previous timeframes have come and gone.) Don't suppose you have any screenshots of some of the new features in the next version you can share to wet our appetite while we wait?! :)

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This updated .exe contains some improvements that were requested by users during past 1-2 months:

  • computer type field in custom reports;
  • monitor manufacture date in custom reports;
  • Windows and Office supply channel in custom reports and general view;
  • domain accounts used for logon displayed in "User accounts";
  • detailed tabular report for user accounts.


As for the next version, we have very much to do in it, that's why ETA is moving. Of course it is still in active development and will be released soon.

I'm not authorized to post any screenshots yet, but I can say that it will feature:

  • new convenient interface;
  • new storage system with constant monitoring of changes and multiple users support;
  • updated scan wizard with AD OU browser and customizable IP ranges/subnets scanner;
  • tracking of changes in assets configuration (hardware and software), snapshots support;
  • more flexible reporting, more possibilities to customize the output.

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Thanks for the followup. The next version sounds like what we really are wanting. But you had mentioned in another thread that it would be a free update to the next version, thus there's no reason to wait and we will probably purchase now to get started with inventories and anxiously await the next version. The next version is a free update, right? ;)


This brings up one last question though. If we start scanning computers now to build an inventory database, I assume the next version will be able to use (or convert?) the existing .XML inventory data files? But I wanted to verify this before we worry about going full fledged on gathering inventories with the current version.

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You're right, less space as well - about 30 KB per file (per snapshot). Yes, they will be individual files. However they will not be stored in one directory as earlier. Directories (folders) will be nested and they will represent the group structure that you create in the program. So files will be kept in the folders which correspond to specific groups. This will allow to create/modify the group structure outsite the program (using any file manager). Basically you will need to specify the same folder for backup and make sure that your backup application processes all files and folders recursively in this directory.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I had been reviewing TNI in trial mode and we recently licensed it. Now that we've done that I'm working on testing and implementation procedures. During this process, one thing I noticed about the "Computer type" field is that it doesn't always flag a computer properly as a 'Desktop' or 'Laptop'. One example is with an HP EliteBook 8530p laptop, it shows this as a desktop. I know this is a fairly minor issue, but was wondering how TNI determines what is or isn't a laptop?


Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't inquire on an update on release for the new version?! :)


I ask because currently with my testing I have over 1,000 computers scanned. The issue is with the size of each individual file at around 1.2MB. It's taking up a little over 1.2GB to store this data. We potentially will scan several thousand more computers once we go full bore with this, thus increasing the size needed. The space needed to store these files isn't the issue, it's the time needed to copy/read these files into TNI. But more importantly we have several remote networks on much slower WAN links and bandwidth is a very big concern for us for both direct scans and login script scanning and the bandwidth needed to transfer the data. It sounds like the next version of TNI will use significantly smaller size data files for each computer and I don't think we want to widen our usage of TNI until we can take advantage of these much smaller files, so of course, when the next version will become available will probably affect our implementation of TNI. Thank you.

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The program detects laptops by the model of processor (mobile processor or not). Unfortunately we are not able to maintain a database of all existing laptop models. But even processor models update fairly quickly. If you could post the processor name (or maybe more than one) that the program shows for the laptop which is not detected as a laptop, we could include it in the next update. Meanwhile you can set the computer type manually (right click - Set type).


As for the second question, I understand you concern, but unfortunately I don't have any updates at this moment. The work is still in process.

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Thanks for the info.


I've posted below the three models and their processor that I've identified get listed as a desktop in TNI, but are either a laptop or tablet.



HP EliteBook 2530p - Intel Core2 Duo CPU L9400 @ 1.86GHz


HP EliteBook 2730p - Intel Core2 Duo CPU U9300 @ 1.20GHz


HP EliteBook 8530p - Intel Core2 Duo CPU T9400 @ 2.53GHz

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