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Upgrades and demo version

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Sorry, couple more questions. If you were to purchase TNI 1.6.7 now, what is the upgrade policy? In other words, when the new version (1.7?) is released, is the upgrade free, reduced cost, etc.? Do you need to purchase a new 'license key' for the new version? If there is a cost to upgrade, does the current version you purchased ever timeout?


When running the demo version, I noticed when pulling up reports the 'print', 'save', options are not available. I assume this is due to running in demo mode, which is fine, but just wanted to verify that these abilities are available in the full purchased version?


Also in the demo version, the 'Export' option is available, but you can only export to CSV. Are there addtional export options, such as export to Excel, in the full version? I know it's easy enough to import a CSV into Excel, but bypassing that step would be nice.

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Upgrade to the new version will be free, no need to purchase a new license key. Purchased licenses are lifetime and never timeout.


The options which are grayed out are not availabe in the current full version (that is "open", "save", "print", and "scale" for tabular reports). Printing of tabular reports will be implemented in the next version. Options which just say that this is unavailable in the demo version, of course they are available in the current full version (that is "open", "save", "print", and "scale" for printable reports).


For tabular reports, only export to CSV is available in the current full version. Export of printable reports is available to many other formats ("Select mode - Full/Brief reports"). Printing of tabular reports will be implemented in the next version as already mentioned, probably as well as their export directly to Excel.

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