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Anti-Virus not reporting in TNI

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On several recent scans, I find that some machines report NO anti virus present.

Yet when I actually visit that machine to check on the av....it is present, updated and running.


Can you assist with this issue?


This is on machines where av is pushed from a server so the local install should be default.


Thanks in advance for any hints on this one.


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Detection of antiviruses is not supported on server systems. You can find more information in our FAQ: https://docs.softinventive.com/tni/faq/program-usage-questions/#No-antivirus-installed
As for the other systems, it is possible that the antivirus does not support reporting of its status via WMI. Can you please check if this antivirus is displayed in the Windows Security Center (for example on Windows XP SP3)?

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Do you have Windows Security Center enabled on that computer? Is this antivirus displayed there?


Hello.....from my previous post, I can say that antivirus is displayed in Security Center on the XP Pro SP3 with Symantec Corporate Edition.


I cannot verify that the AVG Network Edition is displayed in Security Center.


"Thank you.....here is the info:


XP Pro SP3 running AVG Network Edition vers. 8.5


on a different pc:


XP Pro SP3 running Symantec Corporate Edition Vers. 10.0"




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I've been testing/reviewing TNI in demo mode and thought I would add my two cents on what I found initially with TNI and Symantec Endpoint Protection.


I am looking in TNI under the "Custom Report" and added the "Antivirus name" and "Antivirus status" columns.



Workstation with Windows XP Professional w/SP3 and Symantec Endpoint Protection v11.0.5002.333

(Please note, on our XP machines under the Security Center, we "turned off" the recommendations for antivirus and selected the option that "we will monitor it ourself".)


TNI properly reports "Symantec Endpoint Protection" for the antivirus name.

TNI properly reports "up to date, enabled" for the antivirus status.


Workstation with Windows 7 Professional and Symantec Endpoint Protection v11.0.5002.333

(Note, SEP does show up under the Control Panel - Action Center - Security list and properly shows it's status there under the 'virus protection' section.)


TNI shows a blank field (nothing) for the antivirus name.

TNI shows "not found" for the antivirus status.

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I have scanned client workstations with TNI few times today using 'Auto Deployed agent(SMB) & also Agent Free (RPC/DCOM) connection method. But 12 workstations are displaying after scanning that 'Antivirus Not Found'. I have attached (see attachement) two screen shots of OS and Mcafee information of one of the 12 client machine.



I have checked the 'File & Printer Sharing' (TCP Port: 139,445,137,138) and it is checked on.

I also have uninstalled Mcafee & redeployed from server and in the client workstation, Mcafee displaying fine (see shot) in the client machine but TNI is still displaying 'Antivirus found' after scanning.


Your help in this matter would be appreciated.





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I have attached a link to view the screen shot of client workstation security center display.


Mcafee have been deployed from network servers to manage all of our client workstations. TNI is not reporting antivirus on 12 machines only. The security center display (screen shot image) of the rest of the client machines are displaying the same way and TNI is reporting Antivirus presence except 12 of the machines as I mentioned.

Question arises how TNI is reporting other machines except 12?

Any suggestions?



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TNI detects antiviruses using their Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) interface. It is possible that it was not set up properly on these computers. However if all the computers are set up in the same way (both the Security Center settings and antivirus deployment), unfortunately I'm not able to locate the reason for this.

You can use the following script (run it locally on one of the problematic computers) to see if the antivirus is really registered in WMI or not. Copy this code to a text file, give it a "vbs" extension and run:

Set wbemServices = GetObject("winmgmts:\\.\root\SecurityCenter")
Set wbemObjectSet = wbemServices.InstancesOf("AntiVirusProduct")
For Each wbemObject In wbemObjectSet
   WScript.Echo "Antivirus name: " & wbemObject.displayName

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