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Websphere 6.1 software count problems

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I am not getting correct counts of Websphere v6.1 installs in my environment.


Upon further investigation I found that with Websphere v6.1 the install only shows in "Add/Remove Programs" if you are logged in with the same account from which the software was installed. For example: If I install Websphere v6.1 while logged in as Administrator, then log out, then log back in as joeshmo, it does not show in "Add\Remove Programs". If I log back in as Adminsitrator, it shows up in "Add/Remove Programs."


In my environment, we install Websphere as "administrator". The "administrator" account is a local administrator only and has no domain access.


I thought that I would get correct Websphere v6.1 install counts by using the "administrator" account to do my scan but this has proven to be unsuccessful for Websphere v6.1. The scan runs fine but when I look at the "Installed software", Websphere v6.1 is not listed. Other systems with other versions of Websphere are listed correctly.


I even tried using username: ".\administrator" to specify the account as local.


Any thoughts on a resolution?

Thanks in advance.

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