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TNI Audit delayed start

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We have foreseen such situations and implemented the delay before actual scan start. When you export the audit tool, you have access to options window, and there is a setting (on the "Audit agent" page) to set such delay. It is 180 sec (3 min) by default.

If you already have the script deployed and running, just edit the file "tniaudit.ini" and set "scandelay" parameter to some desired value (in seconds), for example "scandelay=600" for 10 minutes.

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I have it set for 600, and it still kicks off immediately. We have the tniaudit.exe on a shared folder and call it from there like this:

start \\servername\TNIDATA\tniaudit.exe /scripted


Will this have it use the tniaudit.ini file in the same location??


EDIT: well, it must because it is honoring the other parameters in that .ini file!

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It must work. I've just set scandelay to 300, ran "tniaudit.exe /scripted" and the file appeared in exactly 5 minutes (with the scan time about 9 seconds).

The file "tniaudit.ini" must be present in the same directory as the exe file, and should start as follows:




... (etc)

If the ini file may be corrupted, you can delete it and regenerate it by running tniaudit.exe without parameters (like to scan the local PC). Then just change the "scandelay" and "savepath" parameters appropriately.

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Here's my file - do the compressscandata and scandelay have to be the first two entries??









General information=1

Processor details=1

Motherboard details=1

System memory=1

###### system=1

Storage details=1

Multimedia details=1

Network adapters=1

Peripheral devices=1



OS information=1


Installed software=1

Program files=1

Autorun applications=1

Database engines=1


Shared resources=1



User accounts=1



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