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I have created a .bat file with the necessary command to run the tniaudit. It runs fine as long as I assign it to a user login script. My problem is that I have users in my domain that do not have login scripts. I would like to assign it to a computer startup script. I have tried to apply it though global policy but it will not run, but as soon as I login with my test account the command runs.


Any help would be appreciated.

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There are several issues involved that may cause this to fail.

The first is the fact that some systems (particularly XP and Server 2003) don’t, by default, wait for the network connection to be active before allowing the user to log in. This is causing Group Policy to be applied before the network connection is active. Since the script does not reside on the box, the call to it is failing. Once you set "Machine - Administrative Templates - System - Logon - Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon” to enabled, that should solve this particular issue.

The other issue is minor, but may cause some problems. It turns out for Startup scripts, the first time Group Policy is applied the script will not run due to the associated registry values not being written yet. On the second reboot, and any subsequent ones, the script should run as intended.

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