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I was wondering if there is a way in the current version or something that can be looked at in future versions to have the ability to export the computers that do or do not have software installations to a csv file or any format other than a windows dialog box?

It would be beneficial for me to be able to look at the software and license count list and then say ok, who does not have this software and be able to export that since the windows dialog box is not able to be copied or even properly viewed if the list is that large (which mine usually is).


I do notice the copy feature, but being able to export it would also be helpful for me.


Much appreciated,




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Hi Chris,

Thanks for the notice. Currently the are no other options except dialog box and copying directly to clipboard, but we are going to improve these features in the future versions.

With direct copy to clipboard, this text can be properly pasted to a spreadsheet. And by the way, almost all Windows dialog boxes content can be copied by pressing Ctrl+C in them (result is the same as with direct copy, except the window title and "OK" button text which is also copied).

Anyway, we do understand that this was just a temporary workaround and we'll add a normal tabular report for computers filtered by software product soon.

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