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what I would like to see in a future release (unless I missed it in this one) is the scanning of ODBC links (primarily User, System and File DSN). Our company does a lot of migrations and inventories of complete (server) environments. In a lot of these cases the current administrators have no clue how their environment is installed (or managed for that matter). Being able to list all of these connections would speed up the creation of a complete overview immensely. It would give me a quick insight in which servers are linked and how. It would also add in the process of creating a migration plan as you know which servers are linked to which SQL/Oracle/Database server.


Just thought I'd post it here... maybe you can do something with it, if not... well the program is still useful ;)


edit: It would just be an export of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ODBC which I guess can be scripted seperately. Still, having it in 1 overview is prefered.






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Thank you for your ideas, we will try to implement them in the future versions.

Can you please send us (to support@softinventive.com) an example of this registry key exported to a .reg file from a real environment so that we could analyze it for proper implementation of this feature?




I'll send one today.

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