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Database backup

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I'd like to know what's the best procedure to backup and restore the data.

Is it enough to just backup the files of the Data directory or are there some other things to take care of?

How would then be the best way to restore all the data?


I'm looking for a scheduled way to backup TNI's stored Informations. If it's just plain files, no problem. But if there's more to it I'd really like to know what and how.


The handbook unfortunatly still is "Work in progress" for the backup and restore procedure.


Thanks everyone for their input.



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Yes, the next version of the program will have main menu options for backup and restore of file storage, though actually this page of manual was intended for SQL DB operations, but such type of storage will not be available too soon.

Currently you only need to backup and restore the whole Data folder. As you know, its path is set in "Options - Storage". At present this folder's contents is two .dat files, .xml files for computers and .xmd files for network devices. So to backup all data you need to copy or pack the whole folder, and to restore - copy back or unpack it and select it in Options - Storage.

You may also want to backup "config.ini" file in the program's installation folder, which contains all settings, including custom report templates, IP ranges for scan wizard etc.

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Thank you very much for your reply.


Since it's enough to copy and restore plain failes I personnaly do not need an option in the program to make the backup.

These mainly just come handy when the date is stored in a special formating which could get lost during a simple "copy files backup" solution (e.g. sql etc.).

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