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None of the selected assests meet the report condition

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I have specified a DHCP range for scanning IP addresses. When I click on the devices and want to read the data under "viewer & reports", it only shows me "no data available for selected categories". And under "table reports" it shows me "None of the selected assets meet the report condition".

What am I doing wrong, why is no information shown for manually scanned devices, but when I want to scan the domain it shows me everything. I can delete the devices scanned in the domain, but not the devices that I scan manually.

I need help, thank you in advance!


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Hi Gordon,

Sorry for the delay. Generally, the scanned device must contain such information provided the asset is a Windows-based computer.

To analyze the issue and investigate your problem we kindly ask you to send us several inv files of such devices that do not show you the necessary information. Send us the files to support@softinventive.com

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