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inacurate scanning

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I manage a small network with 11 nodes in total. Many of them did not accurately respond to TNI scan requests during the first online scan. I then tried to configure some of them according to your FAQ, but what I'm thinking about is if I have to go and configure every remote node myself manually, why would I think of buying a non-working solution? Or am I doing anything wrong?

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The problem is that all Windows XP and Vista systems has very restrictive firewall and remote access settings out-of-the-box. These settings don't allow any network inventory software (not only ours) to scan such computers. You mentioned that you have 11 computers, so probably you don't have a domain. When a computer is attached to a domain, remote access settings are changed automatically and the possibility to manage firewall settings from the server also appears. But in this case it is necessary to setup all computers manually as described in our FAQ on this forum (2nd and 4th questions), and unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it.

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