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I have about 25 PC's on a network and we do not have a domain controller so I cannot use the option of WMI. We have a secure fileserver within our network that has the folder where the XML files are stored. Here is my problem...


Each time I have someone run the agent it saves the XML no problem, BUT I want to have the agent run automatically each time the computer starts without prompting them with permission(s) to run this file. XP and Vista are horrible about this. What I have done is put a shortcut to the fileserver under "Startup Items", but each time they restart their station, they are prompted to "run this file".


So I need to know of a way to run it as a service or in the background so it can generate a new XML file on startup. Can this be done?

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There is actually no connection between WMI and domain, but as I understand, the problem is that you don't have same admin password for all computers, and also access policy should be set up for each PC.

Agent setup as a pre-installed service is not implemented yet. But there is a workaround for this issue. Create a .bat file locally on each computer and put a link to it to "Startup" (or even the file itself, it should work also). Put a command similar to the following to this batch file:

start \\server\share\tniaudit.exe /scripted

What do we get by this:

- Programs started from network through local batch file don't produce a security window asking for confirmation.

- "/scripted" parameter tells the program to run silently, without confirmation to start the scan.

- "start" command allows the console window to hide immediately after program is started.

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