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Reading Extra BIOS information

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We use TNI for our inventory tool and it works well. We have a large number of Dell Machines and a company asset tagging scheme. I know it is possible to write to the BIOS in the ASSET NUMBER field. How can we get TNI to read this field. I have looked at custom fields but this seems more focused to add data manually rather than to get extra data from machines automatically.


Is it possible to customise what is collected during a scan?


Thanks for your help in advance

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Hi Andrew,


Each Dell computer has a service tag. It is read by TNI and can be viewed in "Computer/Motherboard" - "Chassis/Serial number" and "BIOS information/Serial number". We know this serial can be changed in BIOS and it should be also read by TNI instead of original service tag.

Do you use Dell service tags or your own tags as the asset numbers in your company's tagging scheme?


P.S. You're right that custom fields are only for input of additional information manually.

It is possible to customize what is scanned, but only for categories as a whole (Options - Inventory).

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We have our own asset tags (supplied by finance) which are added to the machines as they are bought into the company. These are traditionally stickers added to the box. I am sure you know the sort....


In the Dell bios as well as a Service Tag field there is an Asset Tag field. Which can be adjusted using the Asset.com utility supplied by Dell.


We would like to update this field at the time of machine imaging and then TNI can reference it in our scans.


I guess this is not possible if you can not add specific things to scan.......maybe in the next version :)

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Can you please send us an XML file of the scanned Dell computer (from C:\Program Files\Total Network Inventory\Data) where Asset Tag was already entered before scanning? And inform us the Service Tag and Asset Tag of this computer that you see in BIOS. Send it to support@softinventive.com , we will see if it's possible to get this data.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately I am unable to give you that information due to it being a security issue. As you know TNI scans and records a lot of information which we don't feel we can release.


I am not sure why you need our xml file, as far as I am aware every Dell machine has this asset tag field. Looking at the bigger picture I am sure other manufacturers also have custom information in their Bios which could be useful to record.


I was thinking perhaps it would be more useful to get TNI to dump all BIOS info (or catergories) somewhere which you can then link to a custom field if you need that data. Not sure if this is possible, I am just thinkng from a users perspective.



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Understood. Then maybe you could search this XML file for the values of those tags by yourself. I'm sure you will find Service Tag as the value of SerialNumber field in Win32_BIOS record (usually also in Win32_SystemEnclosure and Win32_ComputerSystemProduct), but will you find Asset Tag value somewhere?


I'm also not sure if dumping of BIOS will be possible. But in the end it is possible to add Asset Tag manually as inventory number or as custom field in the computer's edit window.

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I have looked through the xml file. I found the Service tag number in multiple places. This one is not a problem as it appear in TNI Chassis Serial number and Bios Serial number.


I also found the Asset Tag information under <Win32_SystemEnclosure><SMBIOSAssetTag>. (I have pasted the small section of the file below)


- <Win32_SystemEnclosure>








So I guess the question is how do I link this field found in the raw data to a field in the TNI user interface?

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I look forward to upgrading! I am guessing this will be in a version update rather than a build update? I am currently on 1.6.0(build1434).


Another thing we have noticed is that the software only picks up one monitor? Is this something that can be addressed as well? We have multiple machines with multiple monitors. I have had a quick look in the xml file but could not find out where you are getting this information from and whether the second monitors are already in there somewhere.


We like to keep you busy hehe :P

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Particularly adding asset tag would require only build update. But currently the major update is almost completed, so it will be included there, and it will be something like version 1.6.1.

Multiple monitors also will be addressed in this update. There should be some information already present but not used, however rescanning after version update would be a good thought.

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We were prompted yesterday to get the new version of TNI. We downloaded and installed ok. I am trying to find out where the Asset Number is found? Do I have to create a custom report? We have searched through the interface in what we think are the 'normal' places and can not find anything.


I did notice that it was not mentioned on the release info. I was hoping as it was described as 'minor' it should not have been mentioned....


The data is still in the xml file under SMBIOSAssetTag.


Any help is appreciated.

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