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Product Keys and Licence checking

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Currenly product keys can be retrieved only for Windows and MS Office (including Project and Visio).

As for the usage, first of all, you scan the network. Then open "Tools - Software accounting", which will calculate the number of installations for all software titles available on the network. In this table you can set the number of licenses that you actually own (if necessary), deselect the software that you don't need to include to the final report, or put some comments if needed. Note the button "Recalculate installations" - it should be used before building a new report when you know that you have rescanned some computers and software list could change. Then press "Save data" and then "Run software report". This report can also be reached with "Reports - Tabular reports - Software and licenses". Here this information will be presented along with the calculated "shortage" field. Now you can sort, copy or save this report to a CSV file. You can also right-click a software title and get a list of computers on which this software is installed.

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