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scanning 98

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Please check that you have "Client for Microsoft Networks" installed in the network properties.

Also check that you have changed the registry settings mentioned in the FAQ and rebooted the computer.

It may be easier to scan the computers locally, try to use our standalone scanner for this (tniaudit.exe).

On our test system (Windows 98 SE, ver. 4.10.2222 A) we were able to run both remote scan and local scan (with the standalone scanner) after wmicore.exe installation and applying registry changes. But if this doesn't help, unfortunately we will not be able to provide additional support, as this system is supported "as is": it does not fit for usage in business environment when it comes to remote access and other things that are possible with NT-based systems.

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you mean those 15+ Win 98 computers which i have for repairs don't fit into my business environment? that's my business, zak, and it seems that now tni doesn't fit into my needs any more. i'll check the competition though.


Hey, it's not very nice to talk to support that way. Win 98, the same with '95, is a consumer OS and based on technology that can't easily be scanned. Some competition may scan it, but 99% of the time you'll need to either do what Zak said or at least install something manually on the machine first. I can scan NT4 computers and that OS is even older than Win 98. So GOOOOOOOOOD ef-ing LUCK!

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Thanks, Benny.

Hey gregc, nobody wanted to offend you, why are you treating it like that? I was just saying that in 2008 it's not very efficient to keep Win98 (an OS which was made for home use from the beginning) working in corporate environment. And if you are forced to face this OS now, you should be prepared for possible issues with such thing as WBEM technology. As for competition, I doubt that any of them which use WMI will work in this case. Others which don't use WMI will only work when run locally or using pre-installed agent in autorun (because there is no services and service manager which can help to install them remotely - one more Win98 drawback).

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