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Memory visible to OS

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I am using Total Network Inventory software to scan IBM X 3850 server which has Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition(32-bit) on it. Windows task manager and Windows system properties shows physical RAM installed as 8GB. After scanning the system using Total Network Inventory I get physical memory installed as 8GB but there is something called as memory visible to OS which is only 4GB.


I really want to know exactly where is the problem and how to resolve it..


I can not add the screenshots due to some permission problem.


"The requested file upload failed because suitable permissions have not been enabled on the 'uploads' directory. Please contact the board administrator and inform them of this error."


Thanks in advance..


Anil Kumar

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Our software uses Microsoft Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service to get the information. The value you are asking about is obtained from the Win32_OperatingSystem class, from the value "TotalVisibleMemorySize", and here is what is said about this value in https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/cimwin32prov/win32-operatingsystem?redirectedfrom=MSDN:

"Total amount, in kilobytes, of physical memory available to the operating system. This value does not necessarily indicate the true amount of physical memory, but what is reported to the operating system as available to it."

Usually this value indicates the amount of physical memory minus a couple of Mb which are taken by BIOS, or a couple of dozens of Mb which are taken for integrated adapter memory. However unfortunately in this case we cannot explain why this amount is twice less than the physical memory amount. This may require some contact with Microsoft.


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