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How do I select all the computers in the tree to run reports against?

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When you enter Report Builder (by pressing "Report Builder" button or selecting any report from the menu), currently selected node becomes selected for reports. If the group was selected, all subnodes become selected. Thus, if root node "Network" was selected, then all computers and groups become selected.

To select or deselect all computers when you are already in Report Builder, you just need to check or uncheck the root node - "Network". The same with selecting/deselecting whole groups or subgroups, you just check or uncheck the group node.

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In general view mode, when I say "selected", I mean "highlighted" and you cannot select more than one node at a time.

Have you noticed that when you switch to Report Builder, each node's icon is shifted to the right a bit and there is a space for a checkmark? So when in Report Builder you just tick that empty place and the checkmark appears, and this is what we call "selected for reports". If you tick the checkmark again, it disappears, that is the node is deselected. You can do this with any node, including the root node and the checking or unchecking is propagated to all its subnodes.

Perhaps the absence of boxes for checkmarks is a bit confusing, but we thought it would look better this way...

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