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Scan never finishes!

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I started a scan of approx. 85 systems last night on the same subnet. Using the agent, because I am having access issues with WMI - came in this morning, and it was only half way through, didn't look like it was doing anything. Some machines still showed Scanning, but the progress bar was hung at 50%. Stopped and restarted scan this morning, same thing - progress bar hung at 50%!!



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Well, restarted it again and it finished, but with about a 50% Data file was not created error. I turned off the keep files option, and am rescanning (the ones that show up in the domain browser window - only about half I needed to scan showed up, and most of the ones that do not show up ping!). So far, only one has reported back this data error, but it is still running. I will keep you informed.

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