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Agentless method taking 1,000kb+ per second bandwidth

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There should be an "Edit" button below each of your message.


You are right about the huge traffic for agent-free method. We have conducted a couple of tests and found out the following: the reason for such traffic is gathering of information about installed software. Moreover, most traffic is going from admin computer to the scanned workstation.


For example, we've scanned a Win2000 machine with about 50 items in Uninstall section of the registry, and it took 2.8/4.0/6.9 (down/up/total; traffic meter was installed on client machine) MB of traffic only for installed software. The whole scan took 3.0/4.9/8.0 MB. Scan time was 01:51, so you can count average bandwidth usage, though it has really ragged rate.


For a WinXP machine with around 300 "Uninstall" items the total traffic was 58.2/9.0/67.2 MB, while installed software took 57.3/3.3/60.5 MB of them, and all other information took only 0.8/5.6/6.4 MB. Scan time was 02:21.


There is a very little chance that it can be optimized with usage of WMI technology, because this traffic is generated by its calls. I can advise to disable "Installed software" and "Antivirus software" in "File - Options - Inventory" and thus don't collect this information, if the traffic is an issue.


Or you should use agent method. For the same WinXP machine it took only 1.4/0.1/1.6 MB for the first time, and if you have "Keep deployed filed" option enabled in "Options - Connection", then the second and all other times will be around 0.1/0.1/0.2 MB (118/122/240 KB), and this is of course with all inventory categories enabled. You can see the difference is staggering, so agent method is a real option for traffic-sensitive applications.

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Ah, I see the Edit button now. Apparently I missed it.


Yes, I notice the agent method takes less bandwidth. Although on many computers, at least on a LAN, it seems agentless is faster than using the agent. I don't get that.


With all the problems with agentless, it sounds like the agent method is the way to go, don't you think?

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