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Scan vs. Network Tree Information

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Can someone assist with info on the following:

My Scan Wizard brings me back a list of network hardware which can be successful, or access denied, or RPC server is unavailable. I'm sure there is a list of other messages which I have yet to encounter.


I then export the list to a .txt file so I can compare it with the network tree to identify which pc's I am unable to reach.


Today, I ran the Scan Wizard and had to step away for an hour or so for a meeting. When I returned I compared the tree with the scan.txt file and noticed that there are hardware items in the tree that are not on the original scan list. :huh:


Why is this happening? Does the software continue to poll the network? Is there a time delay in returning all the network nodes?

The nodes in question are all on a separate VLAN........


Any help would be appreciated




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